10 Outrageously Creative Wedding Proposals

Added by Edan Barak on Sep 14, 2017

The Grandiose Proposal

If you ask this guy, all you need for the perfect proposal are a ring, the love of your life, and some friends in the opposite building. With the timing of a swiss watch.

The effect? A clever, unique proposal that is sure to go a long way in her saying yes. I am assuming when the two of them grow old together, they will talk of this proposal, and thank their friends. And Thomas Alva Edison.


The Scary Proposal

This guy makes it to the list on the basis of sheer courage.

He dresses up in a costume reminiscent of Johnny Depp in a Tim Burton movie, complete with the wig. He then sets himself on fire, as he goes down on one knee to ask the question. Probably targeting the Shock and Awe response.

Just after she has said yes, he jumps into the water nearby. As he is stepping out, his friends shoot about a hundred rockets into his body. And just as you're wondering what on earth is going on, the words 'Mad Dragon Stunts' flashes at the end of the video.

And it makes sense.

Sort of.

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