10 Outrageously Creative Wedding Proposals

Added by Edan Barak on Sep 14, 2017

In The Name Of The Father, The Son, The Holy Ghost, And All Their Friends And Family

Friends form an integral part of any marriage - they help you iron out the small issues, advise you on the bigger ones, and are there with you when you're getting sloshed after everything's over. So how would it be if they were a part of the proposal too?

This is an example of optimum friend utilisation - a beautiful location, a perfectly choreographed performance, and friends popping into the scene every now and then, culminating in a proposal on the beach.


The Shock Proposal

Generally, too much time and effort goes into planning the proposal, but much of it is a giveaway. What with those perfect clothes, that perfect location, and the perfect occasion, it wouldn't take a Holmes to deduce that you're going to pop the question.

This guy chose the ambush method - jolting his lover out of the blue. It's Light, Camera, Reaction all the way!

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