10 Myths About Sex That Need Debunking

Added by Johanna on May 26, 2014

Women should douche to keep their vagina clean

No. Douching actually harms a woman's body by flushing out the good, natural bacteria naturally found in the vagina. All you need to do to get your vagina clean is wash regularly with unscented soap and water. 


You can get sexually transmitted diseases (STD) from sitting on a toilet seat

No, you cannot. STDs require a warm, moist area to live in and they cannot live outside the body for any length of time.  Toilet seats are not conducive to nurturing an STD.  Additionally, STDs do not live in urine so even if there is a dribble on the seat, it's not going to hold something you can catch. You can only catch an STD from someone who is infected by having skin-to-skin or mouth-to-mouth contact. 

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