10 Most Famous Gangsters in the World

Added by Edan Barak on Sep 4, 2021

The Kray Brothers

Born: 24 October 1933, Hoxton, London, England

Reginald "Reggie" Kray and Ronald "Ronnie" Kray were twin brothers who lived and worked in London. During the 1950s and 60s they ran a gang called "The Firm" - a name which has been copied by countless other gangs since then, and which just goes to show their influence and reputation. These brothers were involved with arson, murder, assaults and armed robberies: pretty much everything illegal that went on at the time! The Kray twins opened a nightclub in London (a slightly bizarre undertaking for gangsters, if you ask me), so made many celebrity friends including Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra. Frank Sinatra seems to have made a habit of hanging out with world famous gangsters...time for a conspiracy theory? Nevertheless, the Kray brothers ended up becoming celebrities in their own rights. They had numerous television and media appearances, which is something that none of the other gangsters on this list did.

They may have had a world of success, but the Kray twins met a tragic end. In 1968 they were sentenced to life imprisonment; while he was serving his sentence Reggie contracted cancer. He was let out on compassionate leave just eight weeks before his death. His twin brother Ronnie was sent to Broadmoor Hospital on the grounds of suffering from schizophrenia. He never saw daylight again.


Charles "Lucky" Luciano

Born: November 24, 1897, Lercara Friddi, Italy
Gangster Names: Lucky

Charles "Lucky" Luciano is widely considered to be the father of organised crime, so he thoroughly deserves his place on this list on famous gangsters. After a childhood which saw him moving from Sicily to the Lower East Side of New York at the age of ten and changing his name from Salvatore Luciana, he fell into the gangster lifestyle at a young age. It was through his actions that the New York Mafia split into the 'Five Families' which are still famous today. Naturally, after having caused such a split, Charlie Luciano took control of one of these crime families - aptly called the Luciano family (which later became known as the Genovese crime family).

Charlie Luciano was an incredibly powerful man. He held so much influence over New York that during World War II, the U.S. Navy asked for his help with intelligence. Despite the fact that he was actually in prison at the time, he struck a deal with them. Luciano did help with intelligence, and in return was let out of prison. He was deported back to Italy, where he served out the rest of his days. Being a gangster may not always be above board, but it's a shame to see that one of the most powerful, influential men in New York ended up banished from the city and all he had worked so hard to achieve.

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