10 Most Famous Gangsters in the World

Added by Edan Barak on Sep 4, 2021

Frank Costello

Born: January 26, 1891, Cassano all'Ionio, Italy
Gangster Names: Frank "the Prime Minister" Costello

In Italy a boy was born and named Francesco Castiglia. At the age of four his family moved to New York, which set in motion a series of events which led to him becoming one of the world's most famous gangsters. Frank Costello, as he became known as a little later in life, became friends with other gangster-to-be Charlie Luciano as a child. From then on, Costello made his name in bootlegging and gambling, working for huge New York gangs such as the Morello gang, the Lower East Side gang and the Luciano family.

Frank Costello rose so much through the ranks of his fellow gangsters that eventually he became the leader of the Luciano family, one of New York's most powerful 'Five Families'. Perhaps mush of his success can be put down to the fact that he also had a lot of influence within the political world. Clearly, Frank Costello was a very sharp businessman and a ruthless gangster. After all, he didn't earn his nickname of "The Prime Minister of the Underworld" for nothing!


John Dillinger

Born: June 22, 1903, Indianapolis, Indiana, US
Gangster Names: Gentleman John, The Jackrabbit

You've probably heard of John Dillinger from Johnny Depp's portrayal of him in the 2009 film Public Enemies. If he was famous enough for a Hollywood megastar to take on his role, then he's definitely famous enough for this list! John Dillinger was active in America during the time of the Depression; he was most famous as a gangster and bank robber. His life was very short (he was shot and killed when he was just 31 years old), but he certainly managed to pack a lot in to his time on Earth. As well as all his criminal activities, he broke out of prison twice, and even had a relationship lasting three years with his stepmother. Did the man have no morals?

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