10 Interesting Facts About Christopher Columbus You Weren't Taught In Class

Added by Johanna on Mar 16, 2019

Many of Columbus' voyages were disasters

Almost everyone knows about Columbus' voyages across the ocean in 1492, in which three ships were involved, Santa Maria, Pinta and Nina. But few of us are aware of the fact that Santa Maria, his flagship, got stuck and sank near Hispaniola Island, and he was forced to leave behind 39 men at a particular settlement known as La Navidad. Columbus was expected to come back to Spain with a lot of valuable goods including spices along with significant information regarding new trade routes. But he returned with nothing and even managed to lose his best ship. Again, during the fourth voyage, Columbus lost his ship and was marooned for a year on Jamaica with his men.


When Columbus went to his second voyage of the New World, he took horses

As Columbus embarked on his second voyage for the New World, horses were brought to Santo Domingo. The animals constituted a mixture of the Andalusian, the Jennet and the Berber. The horses were also accompanied by some cattle.

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