10 Interesting Facts About Christopher Columbus You Weren't Taught In Class

Added by Johanna on Mar 16, 2019

Columbus was a cheapskate

While embarking on his voyage in 1492, Columbus pledged an award of gold to the person who would be the first to see land. Rodrigo de Triana, a sailor, was the first one to view land on 12th October, 1492. He actually sighted what is presently an island in Bahamas named San Salvador by Columbus. Unfortunately, Rodrigo was never given the reward, because Columbus cleverly kept the gold to himself, telling the others that the previous night, he could see some blurred light but had not revealed it because the light was hazy.


Columbus was an awful governor

Columbus was made the governor of Santo Domingo, a newly formed settlement, by Spain's King and Queen as a token of gratitude pertaining to the new lands that he had discovered. Although an outstanding explorer, Columbus failed drastically as a governor. He and his brother governed the settlement as kings do, seizing to maximize his profits and thereby causing unrest amongst the settlers. Things got so out of control that the Spanish Crown appointed another person as governor and Columbus was detained and driven back to Spain as a prisoner.

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