10 Interesting Facts About Christopher Columbus You Weren't Taught In Class

Added by Johanna on May 23, 2022
Facts about Christopher Columbus

According to the history books Christopher Columbus discovered the New World in 1492. Fact or fiction? Was his name even Christopher Columbus, or is that a figment of our collective imaginations? The accounts of this great historical figure's life and times seem to be up for grabs, as truth and fiction often intertwine, merge, and eventually become one in the annals of history. Here are 10 interesting facts about Christopher Columbus that you've probably never heard.

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Columbus did not discover the new world, the Vikings did

Years after Columbus rose to fame for his New World mission, it was discovered that around 500 years before Columbus' voyage the Vikings had come to the New World by sailing from Iceland. This implies that Columbus reached the New World subsequent to the Vikings and probably came up with the idea for his voyage from them.


He was a slave trader

Columbus' voyages were basically undergone for economic gain and hence he always expected to come across some valuable thing or another during his travels. He was vastly disappointment once he realized that the places he was discovering did not possess any treasure like pearls, silver or gold. He came to the realization that the natives could be of immense use and so during his first voyage he brought with him a number of natives, the count increasing during the second voyage. When Queen Isabella declared that the natives of the new world should be treated as her subjects and would not be enslaved, Columbus was greatly distressed. However, during the colonial rule, the Spanish enslaved the natives.

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