10 Interesting Facts About Abraham Lincoln. #4 Is The Reason He's My Favorite US President.

Added by Edan Barak on Jul 20, 2018

Lincoln supported women's rights long before they were in the national spotlight.

He was the first, and at the time, only well-known political figure to support women's rights to vote. In 1836, a dozen years prior to the First Women's Rights Convention – also called the Seneca Falls Convention – Lincoln made a statement to a local Illinois paper in support of "female suffrage". His wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, is said to have affected his stance on women's rights at a time when the issue was not on the national radar.



Lincoln's greatest speech, given in 1856, is lost to history.

Lincoln's "lost speech" was apparently so engaging that the reporters on the scene who were tasked with transcribing it neglected to take notes. From verbal records it's believed the speech was an impassioned condemnation of slavery, and there are theories that it might have been lost on purpose owing to its controversial nature.

In 1896 a reporter named Henry Whitney came forward and claimed that he was present at Lincoln's speech and had, in fact, taken notes. This news was received with a lot of skepticism, as the notes denote a speech devoid of Lincoln's style, and, in modern times has been proven to be a fabrication.


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