10 Interesting Facts About Abraham Lincoln. #4 Is The Reason He's My Favorite US President.

Added by Edan Barak on Jul 20, 2018

Lincoln is the only American President to hold a patent.

As a youth, Lincoln sometimes worked as a ferry operator or flatboat pilot to make a living. Twice, he was on boats that ran aground. Years later, while a practicing lawyer, he came up with a method of using inflatable bladders and a bellows system to raise boats out of the water when they were in danger of being grounded on shoals. U.S. Patent 6469 was issued to him, but the system never went into usage. To this day, he is the only American President to hold a patent.



Lincoln was known as a skilled wrestler, and was often challenged.

During the early 1830's Lincoln was considered a fierce and accomplished wrestler. He was often challenged in the ring, and in one fight, after having disposed of his opponent rather quickly, he challenged the mob that had formed, shouting, "Any of you want to try it, come on and whet your horns!".

Out of the approximate 300 matches Lincoln took part in, he was recorded as being defeated in only one. His exploits earned him the "Outstanding American" honor in the wrestling hall of fame.


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