10 Incredibly Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Added by Edan Barak on Jul 8, 2015

Select everything: CTRL+A

Instead of tediously highlighting a long piece of text, or a URL in your browser, simply hit CTRL+A to highlight everything. You can then combine the shortcut CTRL+C and CTRL+P to copy and paste whatever you highlighted quickly, and with minimal use of the mouse.


Save your work more often: CTRL+S

It's tedious to save our work in programs like Excel or Word, but it's very important. You never know when there might be a power outage, or your computer will try to reboot itself for no apparent reason. You could use your mouse, click on File->Save. It's even kinda fast. But when you need to do it every few minutes, or even seconds if you really value your work, you'll be glad you can simply hit CTRL+S and continue working. Leave the mouse outta this, it's definitely a keyboard-only task.

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