10 Hollywood Success Stories Against All Odds

Added by Andrew Tyson on Apr 5, 2019

Stephen King

Career: Author

Stephen King’s father walked out when King was two years old, leaving Stephen’s mother Nellie to care for him and his adopted older brother. The family moved around the United States for the first ten years of his life, until they returned to settle down in his hometown of Portland, Maine. He showed interest in horror and writing early, contributing short stories to a number of magazines. King began writing novels in the early 1970's, but also had to battle the loss of his mother, as well as an alcohol addiction. Now, he is one of the most adapted writers in Hollywood, with over 50 of his works having been brought to television or film.


Charlize Theron

Career: Actress

Now one of the most desired actresses in Hollywood, Theron dealt with a tumultuous childhood in an area rife with troubles. Born in the racially-divided South Africa, Theron’s father was an alcoholic who eventually met his end at the hands of her mother, in a shooting deemed self-defense. Setting out as a model, she also had aspirations to be a ballet dancer, dreams that where destroyed when she suffered severe knee injuries. With both of these paths fading, she moved to Los Angeles, and caught a lucky break when a talent agent saw her in a bank. In 2003, she truly broke into Hollywood stardom with her role as Aileen Wuornos in Monster, which garnered her nominations and awards across the globe, including winning best actress at the Golden Globes, the Oscars, and the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

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