10 Great Ideas for Kids Outdoor Toys

Added by robstone74 on Feb 26, 2017

With the age of technology, more and more children are growing up with games consoles, tablets and the television and staying away from the garden more and more.

Being able to get outdoors, have some tremendous fun, giggles but more importantly, receive some excellent exercise without them even thinking about it.

From a parents point of view, seeing their children have fun but have the peace of mind they are away from the dangers of the road is great.

Adding to this, we can remember how we loved these toys as many of them have stood the test of time and will do for many years to come.

Here are 10 great outdoor toys for your garden -


Themed Sandbox

As children many of us enjoyed a day at the beach, playing in and out of the water but most of all, building sandcastles. Depending on age and imagination, the castles that could be built range from one bucket of sand with the shape of the bucket itself, right up to huge castles with their own corridors, that’s until the sea comes in and removes all the work involved.

With a garden sandpit, children can play for hours building up their own castles at home with a range of multi shaped buckets and spades with a themed sandcastle itself. Add in some water and dry sand becomes something children can shape into whatever they can think of.



Not something you see children out and about in as much as a skate board or bike but great for the back garden are the range of Ride-Ons available. These give children the opportunity to drive their own vehicle and play all sorts of games from races to pretending to be a taxi.

Easy to control on grass or a more solid surface, these pedal powered garden vehicles give children a great experience and idea what its like to drive a car or truck in the safety of their own back yard.

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