10 Fun Things To Do When You're Bored At Home

Added by Nicola Porrill on Apr 6, 2019

Take photos

I love the idea of documenting your day by taking a photo every hour or so. This could be scaled up to cover an entire vacation, or scaled down to focus on a single afternoon. Either way, by constantly looking for things to photograph, you'll be coming up with new and exciting things to fill your day with. Choose subjects which sum up your hour - by the end of it, when you look back at what you have managed to fit in, you will be really impressed with what you have achieved! You don't have to have a fancy camera - just the camera on a cell phone will do - but by doing something like this, you will be having fun and perfecting a new skill as well.

For kids who don't have access to a camera, get them to document their day by drawing pictures of what they get up to. This is a really good idea to remember for if they ever have to spend a long period of time away from members of their family - by drawing what they get up to, the relative will be kept fresh in their minds, and they will all have lots to show and catch up on when they are reunited!


Teach your dog new tricks

Your pet is probably the most entertaining thing you have at home, and there are no limits on when and where you can play with each other! One of the best ways to while away an afternoon is to just have fun with each other; try teaching your dog new tricks for fun. Although obedience is an essential thing that any dog owner should teach, it is important to throw in some fun tricks as well, such as 'play dead', 'shake' for a treat, or even doggy dancing!

Dog walking

This isn't just for dog owners, either. You can have fun with any other type of pet, too. Teach your parrot to talk, make a maze with a reward at the end for your rat, set up a mini assault course for your ferret or hamster - the list is endless. Having fun with my pets is one of my favorite things to do, because it's not only fun for me, but it's really enjoyable, tiring, and stimulating for their minds, too!


Experiment in the kitchen

Channel your inner Bobby Flay or Nigella Lawson by getting busy in the kitchen! This is a list of free things to do at home, so there's no reason why you should have to go out and buy any extra ingredients. If you're feeling brave, you could be really experimental, by looking through your cupboards, seeing what you find, and trying to throw them together to see what you end up with! You never know, you might discover the next big thing! However, you don't even need to go that far.

I love planning my evening meal, but when I want to have fun and try something new, I add an extra little ingredient (always a storecupboard essential) to see what happens. Some of my favorites include adding a teaspoon of cocoa powder to spaghetti bolognese, having mac and cheese with a mustard twist, or sprinkling aromat over homemade fries, instead of salt. Feel free to try some of these, or have fun experimenting with your own variations!


Have a movie marathon

Curling up on the couch to enjoy a whole day of movies sounds like a dream. Choose all your favorites, or you could select some DVDs to watch - pick them with your eyes closed, to spice it up and make it completely random! Maybe you could make it themed - haven't you ever wanted to watch all the Lord of the Rings films in one go, or to have an entire day filled with Ryan Gosling? This works really well with television series and boxsets, as well; live a day in Jack Bauer's shoes by watching a whole series of 24 in 24 hours! Bring down the blankets and pillows, and get out popcorn and candy to make this into a real event.


Get crafty

There are so many different options for you here that you will be kept busy for weeks! The obvious starting points are with scrapbooking, sewing and painting - just take a stroll through any craft store for bags of inspiration! It's always good to be prepared and get in early, so I suggest using up some of your old supplies and making up some Christmas and birthday cards, so that you always have a stockpile ready for when you need them. Other options include recycling your trash into art projects with the kids - make castles out of old kitchen paper towel tubes and toilet rolls, or use sticks from the garden and paper to make brightly colored kites!

Doing potato prints was a really popular pastime when I was a kid, but it doesn't really seem to be as popular any more - why don't you revive an old classic and show your kids how you used to have fun? If your kids like pyjamas and play clothes, then get them to decorate T-shirts with fabric markers, for something really unique! However, there's always the opportunity to get creative with your kids. Pinterest has thousands of ideas of things to do; there are loads of recipes for making homemade playdough out of storecupboard ingredients, or make fairy jars using glow sticks, glitter and an old jelly jar. The only limit here is your imagination, so get creative!

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