10 Fun Drinking Games And How To Play Them

Added by Edan Barak on Mar 24, 2019
Drinking games

We've compiled a list of the best drinking games we could find, complete with all the rules, additions, and tips on how to get everyone as drunk as possible as quickly as possible.

If you're itching to learn some new fun drinking games to play with the mates, then look no further. From now on your nights will be filled with drunken stupors and mindless fun!


Shot Roulette

Number of players:
Items needed: Shot roulette drinking set with 16 shot glasses
Summary: Russian Roulette, but with liquor.
Setup: Fill all 16 shot glasses and place them in the roulette set.
All players place their bets like in roulette, and the wheel is spun.
If the number that comes up corresponds to your shot glass, you drink, and the glass is refilled.
Tip: Place some tasty shots and some nastier shots in the shot glasses. That way you get the bonus of surprise!


7/11 doubles

Number of players: 2 and up
Items needed: A glass, table, beer, two dice
Setup: Fill the glass 3/4 of the way with beer and place it in the center of the table. Players sit around the table.
Each player throws both dice, the player with the greatest combined number starts.
Each player in turn rolls both dice. If they get a combined 7, 11 or double (meaning two of the same), they choose who must drink. If not, they pass the dice to the next person (clockwise).
Once a drinker is selected, they should grab the cup in the center and start chugging. The dice roller cannot touch the dice until the drinker touches the glass. The roller must try roll a 7-11-double before the drinking finishes chugging the glass.
If the drinker finishes drinking before a 7-11-double is rolled, the empty glass is placed in the center, refilled, and the next person gets the dice.
If the roller gets a 7-11-double before the drinker finished then the drinker must drink again, until he manages to finish the cup before a 7-11-double is rolled.
Tip: This game will get you very drunk. You might want to apply the hero rule if a player needs to chug a lot. It simply means that someone else can take the glass and drink in their place, becoming a "hero".


Flip, Sip or Strip

Number of players: Preferable between three to five
Items needed: A coin, clothing
Summary: Flip a coin to decide if you should strip or drink
Flip a coin and, while it's in the air, call heads or tails.
If you guessed correctly, you're safe. Pass the coin to your right, or you can choose to flip again.
Guessing correctly twice in a row allows you to pass the coin to anyone you like.
Guessing correctly three times allows you to put an article of clothing back on.
If you guessed wrong, pass the coin to your left and choose between taking off one item of clothing (pairs, like socks, count as a single item), or drinking.
You cannot do the same thing (strip or sip) twice in a row.
Tip: Play with members of the opposite sex (or sexual orientation)


Cheers to the Governor

Number of players: 4 or more.
Summary: Counting has never been this difficult!
Setup: All players sit in a circle with alcohol in hand.
Go around the circle with each player counting a number, from 1 up to 21.
The "21" player should not say his number. Instead all players toast the "21" player by drinking and shouting "cheers to the governor!".
The "21" player gets to make up a rule. The rule should relate to the numbers being counted. For example, "instead of saying a number with a 1 in it, the player should take a drink and skip their go". These rules quickly stack up, so stay alert!
If a player breaks a rule they should drink and the counting begins from 1 again.
Tip: Think up good rules, the rules make the game:
Switch the numbers 7 and 14. Whoever hesitates or messes up drinks!
Cluck like a chicken instead of saying 2.


The Fat Penguin

Added by MichaelDuck

Number of players: At least two
Items needed: Cards or anything else that can indicate two hidden options.
Summary: Basically it's about getting to know each other better – whilst getting drunk. Pose a question and guess what others answer individually. Nothing breaks the ice like... The Fat Penguin - especially when drinking!
Setup: Each player receives two cards (one red and one black).
Player 1 thinks of a personal question with two options and asks it out loud. Could be:
- Would you rather win $1.000 (green) or have your best friend win $ 10.000 (red)?
- Would you rather give up your mom’s love (green) or the respect of your friends (red)?
- Would you rather have sex with the person on your right (green) or on your left (red)?

Everybody answers what they prefer, in secret, and player 1 must now guess everybody’s individual answer, one at a time. For each incorrect guess player 1 drinks. For each correct guess the person being guessed drinks.

The questions are from the (free!) smart phone app: The Fat Penguin, where more inspiration for other questions can be found. There is also a board game with the same name.

Check it out on Google Play



Number of players: Any number of players (we recommend 3-6 for best results)
Items needed: A cup, a shot glass, alcohol
Summary: Players attempt to bounce a quarter into the shot glass, if they succeed they decide who drinks.
Setup: Place an empty shot glass in the middle of the table (about 10 inches from each player, or move it when it's their turn), with all players sitting by the table.
Each player in their turn attempts to bounce the quarter into the glass. They're only allowed to use the quarter, the table, and the glass to do so.
If successful, the player chooses someone to drink. If not, their turn is over and the quarter is passed to the next player.
Tip: To spice things up, whenever a player gets three quarters into the glass in a row, they can make up a rule that everyone must follow. Rule-breakers must, of course, drink!
ProTip: Some funny Rules:
- You're not allowed to say the words drunk, drank or drink.
- Pointing with your fingers is not allowed!
- You can't refer to anyone by their name.



Number of players: 4 or more.
Items needed: None.
Setup: All players sit around in a circle. Choose a leader.
Each player chooses a gesture at the start of the game.
The game starts with everyone drumming their hands on their laps and singing:
Leader - "What's the name of the game?"
Everyone - "Thumper!"
Leader - "Why do we play?"
Everyone - "To get fucked up!"
Now the drumming stops and the leader does his own gesture, followed by the gesture of another player.
The player whose gesture was used must now do his own gesture and then that of another player.
This continues until someone messes up, or doesn't do it fast enough, in which case they're moved to the last spot (to the right of the leader).
Everyone should shift up to close the gab in seats, moving to their left.
The person who messes up must also drink.
Tip: Your gesture should be quick and easy to do. Examples:
- Flapping your hands near your ears like a bird.
- Touching your nose.
- Sticking your tongue out.


California Kings / Ring of Fire

Number of players: 4 or more
Items needed: A deck of cards, a large cup
Summary: Draw cards from a deck one at a time, follow the card rules.
Setup: Set the cards face-down in a circle around the cup. All players sit around the table. Decide who begins.
Each "drink" is a normal sip.
Players flip cards over in clockwise order, one at a time. Follow the rules below and do as the card says:

Ace (Aka Waterfall) - Decide if the waterfall goes left or right. Everyone starts drinking and keeps drinking until the person to their left or right (depending on waterfall direction) stops drinking. The last person will probably be drinking a lot, so choose the direction carefully!
2 (Aka Choose) - You can choose someone who should drink.
3 (Aka Me) – You have to drink
4 (Aka Whore) – All the girls have to drink
5 (Aka Thumb) - This rule continues until someone picks up a 5. You can place your thumb on the table whenever you like (should be done discreetly), and the last person to do the same must drink.
6 (Aka Dicks) - All the boys have to drink
7 (Aka Heaven) - You point your finger in the sky, the last person to do the same has to drink
8 (Aka Mate) - You have to drink with the mate of your choice.
9 (Aka Rhyme) - Pick a word. The person next to you must say a word that rhymes, and so on until someone messes up. Whoever messes up drinks!
10 (Aka Categories) – Pick a category, for example "Pets". Going around the group, each person has to say a word that fits with the category, like "dogs" or "cats", etc. Whoever messes up drinks!
Jack (Aka Make a Rule) - You get to make a rule which everyone must follow for the rest of the game (including you). Whoever forgets to obey the rule drinks. A rule could be, for example, that drinking can only be done with your left hand. Go nuts!
Queen (Aka Question Master) - Ask the person next to you a question. The person next to you must then ask the person next to them a question, and so on. The first person to not use a question drinks!
King (Aka Pour) - The game's name is based on this rule for good reason. It's a whammy! You get to pour some of your drink into the glass in the center, and the game continues. Whoever picks up the last king (remember, there are four - keep count!), has to drink the contents of the glass in the center, which should be a mixture of everyone's drinks.

The game ends when the last king is picked up. Time to start over!
Tip: There are many different rules, we just chose our favorite.



Number of players: No limits
Items needed: Television, a movie, cut-out mustaches
Setup: Get a (preferably cheesy) movie, places the cut-out mustaches on your t.v. screen
When actor's faces align with one of the mustaches on the screen, everyone drinks.
Cue in hilarity.


Flip Cup (or Cups)

Number of players: At least two
Items needed: Beer, plastic cups (one for each player), a large table
Summary: Basically it's a relay race, but instead of batons there are cups with beer which need to be drunk and then flipped.
Divide the group into two teams with the same number of players. Players from each team sit opposite each other with their cups on the table in front of them. Designate someone as the "judge".
To start the game, the judge shouts, "Drinkers ready! 3, 2, 1 Drink!".
The first racers from each team have to drink their beers, and, once finished, place the empty cup face-up on the table.
Next, they need to try flip the cup using only one hand. The player can only use a quick, one-touch motion to flip the cup.
After any unsuccesfull attempt, or if two hands were used, the cup should be set face-up again and the player can try again.
Once the team member succesfully flips their cup, the next team member can start drinking, and so on.
The winning team is the one that finished drinking and flipping all its cups.
Congratulations, you're drunk!
Tip: Play guys vs gals to get your competitive streak going.


Beer Pong

Number of players: 4 or more, divided into 2 equal teams
Items needed: A ping-pong ball, 12 glasses of beer
Summary: Bowling with the ping-pong ball acting as the bowling ball and beer glasses acting as the bowling pins.
Setup: Set up 6 glasses of beer on each side of the table in a triangle formation (similar to bowling pins). Each time sits/stands on opposite ends of the table infront of their glasses of beer.
The teams take turns throwing the ping-pong ball into their opponents beer glasses.
If successful, the defending team must drink all the beer in the glass, the glass is removed from the table, and the rest of the glasses are moved closer together.
The winning team is the one who makes their opponents drink all the beer first.
Bonus: The losing team should also consume all the beer in the winning team's cups.
Tip: You can bounce the ping-pong ball, throw it directly, or arc it into the beer glass. This is truly a game of skill!

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