10 Fun Drinking Games And How To Play Them

Added by Edan Barak on Mar 24, 2019

Beer Pong

Number of players: 4 or more, divided into 2 equal teams
Items needed: A ping-pong ball, 12 glasses of beer
Summary: Bowling with the ping-pong ball acting as the bowling ball and beer glasses acting as the bowling pins.
Setup: Set up 6 glasses of beer on each side of the table in a triangle formation (similar to bowling pins). Each time sits/stands on opposite ends of the table infront of their glasses of beer.
The teams take turns throwing the ping-pong ball into their opponents beer glasses.
If successful, the defending team must drink all the beer in the glass, the glass is removed from the table, and the rest of the glasses are moved closer together.
The winning team is the one who makes their opponents drink all the beer first.
Bonus: The losing team should also consume all the beer in the winning team's cups.
Tip: You can bounce the ping-pong ball, throw it directly, or arc it into the beer glass. This is truly a game of skill!

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