10 Famous Nurses In The History Of Nursing

Added by Edan Barak on Feb 7, 2019

Virginia Avenel Henderson

Trained and taught at the Army School of Nursing, and later getting a Master's degree from Columbia University, Henderson would develop nursing theory and define the roles of nurses in health care. Many of her published works based from her hands-on experience as a visiting nurse and nursing instructor would go on to be used as the basis for a number of nursing textbooks.


Edith Cavell

A British nurse, she was recruited to train nurses in Belgium, and was the matron who brought modern methods to the country. When World War I broke out, instead of returning to her native England, she stayed in Belgium to help care for the wounded. After Germany occupied the country, Cavell continued to practice nursing, providing care for both German and Allied soldiers. She used her position to help over 200 Allied soldiers escape over the course of 2 years, but would pay the ultimate price for it – she was court-martialled and executed by the Germans for treason, despite international pressure for her release. This execution led to her becoming a propaganda figure for military recruitment, and an international icon that increased favorable sentiment towards the Allies from previously unaffiliated countries.

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