10 Famous Nurses In The History Of Nursing

Added by Edan Barak on Feb 7, 2019

Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan

Based on real-life nurses from the Korean War, Hot Lips is the most famous fictional nurse to grace the large and small screen. As part of the movie and sitcom MASH, she humanized the face of the modern war nurse. Played by Sally Kellerman in the movie and Loretta Swit on the television series, Hot Lips provided insight into what army nurses had to deal with during the Korean War, both emotionally and professionally.


Dorothea Dix

While not a particularly good nurse, Dix was a great campaigner for the rights of the mentally ill. Having seen the poor conditions of mentally disabled persons during her work in prisons, she went to court to fight for improvements in the conditions in jails and poorhouses. Her fight led to modernization of facilities in America and England, although she was defeated in her attempt to open up a large, centralized facility on American soil. Later in life, when the Civil War broke out, she would become the Superintendent of Union Army Nurses.

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