10 Famous Flute Players In History

Added by Edan Barak on Apr 10, 2019

Michel Debost

To play in an orchestra you must be pretty talented at playing your chosen instrument. To play in the Orchestre de Paris, you have to be far more than 'pretty talented'. However, to sit in the chair of Principal Flute in such an orchestra is a prestigious role indeed, reserved for only the very best. French flutist Michel Debost was one such man, who was actually a student of one of the other names on this list - Marcel Moyse! Music must be a constant in the Debost household, as his wife Kathleen Chastain also plays the flute.


Sir James Galway

Sir James Galway has had some incredible achievements in his lifetime so far, which undoubtedly have advanced the flute playing world considerably. Earlier on during his career he played for several orchestras, including the infamous Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, before going solo. He taught and played with many other talented names, including Geoffrey Gilbert and Marcel Moyse. Eventually, this Irish flutist earned the nickname 'The Man with the Golden Flute', which is testament to the magic which he creates with his instrument.

He was the first woodwind player ever to be knighted, but his accolades don't end there. He received an Order of the British Empire (OBE), and his name appears in Hollywood Bowl's Hall of Fame. In fact, if you're still thinking that his name and success doesn't sound familiar, he's probably much more recognizable than you realize: he played the flute on the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, which won an Academy Award. With all of these successes under his belt, it's no surprise that this inspiring man is often thought of as one of the most famous flute players of all time.

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