10 Famous Flute Players In History

Added by Edan Barak on Apr 10, 2019

Harry Bradley

Harry Bradley is unlike any of the other flute players on this list! For starters, he is Irish, which obviously had a massive impact on his music: you can definitely hear the folk elements and influences when he plays. As well as teaching the flute, he has played as both a soloist and as part of groups, and just this year he was declared as TG4's Musician of the Year. That's an impressive accolade for someone who's only just hit 40! Listen along to some of his music and within seconds you'll find yourself tapping along, without even realizing you're doing it!


Marcel Moyse

Marcel Moyse was another flutist who had a great influence over modern flute playing; he was part of the French flute playing era who influenced the likes of Geoffrey Gilbert, beginning the introduction of the metal flute to the worldwide market. Moyse was extremely influential, as he taught many players who went on to have incredible success, including Sir James Galway and William Bennett. This French flute player's style is fairly classic and traditional, but the way he handles the notes and tempo clearly requires phenomenal skill.

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