10 easy tips for moving house

Added by Edan Barak on May 26, 2014

Clean up some other day

As hard as you try to clean the house before the day, the move itself is bound to create more mess than you believed possible. If you're lucky enough to be moving before the very last day that you have to be out, then schedule the big clean-up for the day after. If you're not that lucky, then consider going to the expense of hiring a cleaner for the day, to clean rooms as they're emptied.


Pack a survival box

Pack one box or crate with the bare essentials that will need straight away, like a couple of pans, some crockery and cutlery, a kettle, coffee, milk and sugar. You get the idea. You will love yourself when you get to the new house, and DON'T have to go rooting through piles of boxes to make yourself a coffee, or give the kids supper. And make sure you know exactly where all the bedding is. Make your beds first, and at least you know you'll be able to have a good sleep that first night.

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