10 easy tips for moving house

Added by Edan Barak on May 26, 2014

Plan for your pets

If you have pets, then you know that they generally hate moving. They're already freaked out when you start packing, and they can sense the family's stress and excitement. Think it through… What is going to happen to them on moving day? Have you organized cat baskets? Do you need to get sedatives for a nervous pet? If you have cats, you should lock them in a secure room the night before the move. They won't like it, but they also won't get the chance to run away, something cats are famous for. And then, how are the pets getting to the new house? With the movers? In your car? With a friend? Have you kept food and water bowls out for them?


Get small children out of the way

If possible, try to organize a babysitter for really small children. It's hard work getting the final stuff done, and the actual move is hectic. Small children can easily get in the way of heavy furniture, or they can act up, much as pets do! If you can't get a sitter, choose one room of the house to be a safe place. Take all the furniture and boxes out of that room the day before, and make sure that you have all the toys, kiddy food, diapers and so on that might be needed, easily on hand.

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