10 Different Types of Ear Piercings That Are Most Popular Right Now

Added by Nicola Porrill on Mar 7, 2019

Lobe Piercing

This is the vanilla of the ear piercing world. The earlobe is usually the first place people get pierced when it comes to their ears. It's soft and fleshy so piercing it is neither difficult nor painful. Its popularity probably comes from the fact that just about any type of jewelry can be worn in it (even things like safety pins!) and it can be stretched. There's just so much variety when it comes to earlobe piercings. Getting the lobe pierced is a rite of passage to a certain extent, but it's not the most original of places. When the point of piercings is to be original, we clearly don't think very far when we start out!


Conch Piercing

Point your index finger horizontally into your ear, as if you're going to go digging for earwax, and place your thumb behind your ear. Squeeze those two fingers together. That flat bit of ear that you're feeling? That's your conch. And yes, it is possible to pierce it! It's one of the less common styles, probably because it is relatively complicated. This is because of the thick cartilage, so any piercings must be done by a professional, reputable piercer. However, those who do take the step and get a conch piercing look pretty damn cool, as they can sport some fancy jewelry!

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