10 Creepy Places Abandoned By God And Man

Added by Edan Barak on Mar 22, 2019

Centralia, Pennsylvania

Centralia was a mining town in Northern Pennsylvania, settled in 1841, with a major coal vein running underneath the ground. For over a century, coal was mined without incident, but in 1962, part of the coal veins caught fire. The fire swept through the veins, creating a fire underneath the city that continues to burn to this day. As a result, the town had to be evacuated, and much of it destroyed, although 3 die-hard families still live within the city limits.


Kolmanskop, Namibia

One of the most-photographed abandoned towns in the world, Kolmanskop was built as a town for German miners looking to exploit the local diamond fields. It grew up quickly, spurred by the wealth of the diamond miners, with ornate buildings in the German style constructed. Institutions such as a casino, school, hospital, and ballroom were built and brought into operation in a matter of years. But in 1954, less than 50 years after the town was founded, the diamond fields were exhausted and the town was abandoned. Preserved by the warm and dry climate, Kolmanskop has barely deteriorated since its abandonment.


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