10 Creepy Places Abandoned By God And Man

Added by Edan Barak on Mar 22, 2019

Hashima, Japan

Built around a small island off the coast of Japan, solely for the mining of undersea coal, Hashima was one of the most crowded spots in the world in the 1950s, with 5,259 people on only 16 acres of land. As petroleum caused coal to be phased out, the island became unprofitable, and was quickly abandoned. Off of the main land and free of the interference of people, the place now called Ghost Island has remained the same for the 40 years since it was officially closed.


Wittenoom, Australia

Mining towns run a natural risk of abandonment due to the natural issues with pulling ore from the earth, be it collapses or the veins running dry. This mid-sized mining town in Australia was once the home to 20,000 people, with an active asbestos mine. Of course, once the hazards of asbestos became clear, the mine shut down, and as 1,000 residents died from asbestos-related illnesses, it became clear that Wittenoom was no longer a great place to live. Today, only 8 people remain, but the city is still littered with asbestos.

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