10 Creepy Places Abandoned By God And Man

Added by Edan Barak on Mar 22, 2019
Nara Dreamland, Japan

There are places in this world that humans have abandoned, where nature has taken her land back. Through war, nuclear disaster, or because of human beings simply walking away, these places have gone from bustling buildings, parks, and towns to places where only the animals will tread. They have transformed from centers of activity to places that look like even God has forgotten them. Here are ten of the spookiest abandoned places on Earth.


Abandoned Mills, Sorrento, Italy

These often-photographed mills, built in the 10th century, operated for centuries milling flour and wood. The construction of Piazzo Tasso in 1866 caused the humidity in the area to rise, making life difficult for these types of milling that require dry environments. After the mills were abandoned, the local micro-climate promoted the growth of a rare fern that has covered the ruins, making for a picturesque valley that draws thousands of tourists yearly.


Nara Dreamland, Japan

It's hard to get much creepier than an amusement park where kids used to enjoy their days, now abandoned and rotting. Inspired by Disneyland and constructed in 1961, Nara Dreamland operated for 45 years before it closed its doors. Shuttered for only a few years, it increasingly shows signs of decay, and is a prime spot for photographers looking to get pictures of empty, hollow paths where children used to play, where parents used to bring their kids, and where now only weeds and rust remain.

This place looks like it might have been fun, once upon a time.

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