10 Camo Wedding Dresses You'll Absolutely Love

Added by Edan Barak on Jan 23, 2018
camo wedding dresses

Not every bride is your stereotypical, wannabe princess, girly girl type who wants to wear a perfect white dress on their Big Day. I love couples who go for something completely new and original with their plans, and by opting for a camo wedding dress, I'm sure that none of your guests will have seen it before. Your wedding will be memorable not only for you, but for the guests as well!

Whether you're looking for full-on camo, or just a nod to the trend, I've seen it all. For brides who enjoy hunting, those that are linked to the military, or even if you're just a country gal at heart, I've got a camo wedding dress to suit you.

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Head-to-toe camo

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For those camo enthusiasts amongst you, this wedding dress is perfect. It's a classic, elegant fishtail style dress, which is flattering for a variety of body shapes, and it comes with beading on the bodice, lace detail around the waist, and there's even a flash of orange with the lace-up back (although you can change this).

This dress is shown in the mossy oak camo print, but there is the option to have a different print, as well as straps and an optional train. This gown's silhouette is absolutely gorgeous, and will definitely turn heads on your Big Day.


Traditional bride from the front, camo bride from the back

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Give your guests a surprise! As you approach them down the aisle, you will look like the traditional bride in a classic, elegant white dress. However, as you go past and they see the back of the dress...they will see the camo bride in you come out! A camo print panel has been inserted into the back of this dress, so that it covers the back, the skirt and the train. Only a hint of camo will be showing on the front, in the form of a camo trim. What's even better about this dress is that it isn't 'off the shelf' - each dress is hand cut and made to your measurements. What could be better than having a wedding dress that's made especially for you?

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