10 Books That Need To Be Made Into Movies

Added by Andrew Tyson on Apr 11, 2015
Books That Need To Be Made Into Movies

Hollywood seems to be running out of ideas for original movies as of late. The film industry has turned to remakes, television adaptations, and superhero movies for its major blockbusters. Some of the greatest movies of all time have been based on books though, and Hollywood has progressively been moving back to them as a source of inspiration. Today we'll be exploring some fantastic books that we believe have what it takes to become blockbuster sensations.

To help you visualize what the film might look like, we've included some of the best fan-made trailers we could find for most of the books.


The Gun Seller (Hugh Laurie)

Famous for his dramatic role as Dr. Gregory House, Hugh Laurie is known more in his native England as a comedian. His debut novel, The Gun Seller, was written long before he became one of the most well-known television characters of the 21st century. A thriller littered with dark humor, it is an engaging book that is written as if it had big-screen adaptation in mind. The story of an ex-soldier being drawn into an international plot that weaves together governments, terrorists, and multinational corporations, it would certainly strike a note in today’s global situation.


Neuromancer (William Gibson)

A science-fiction classic that has withstood the test of time, Neuromancer is as relevant now as when it was written in 1984. The first novel to ever sweep the top three science fiction awards, it is considered the archetypal cyberpunk novel. Essentially a crime caper wrapped in nanobots and sheetmetal, it tells the story of a man who was at the peak of his game but fell, and who is given one last shot to recover his infamy. Like Good Omens, Neuromancer has also been bounced around as a film idea a number of times, as Gibson’s novels have been incredibly influential in movies, music, and even technology. It is one of the most important works of the late 20th century, and a movie version would be certain to draw generations of science fiction fans.

Update: It seems the film adaptation is in development, but not much is known as of yet.

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