10 Birthday Gifts For Your Girlfriend That She's Sure To Love

Added by Nicola Porrill on Feb 7, 2016


What do you get for a fashion-focused girl who loves nothing but clothes, shoes and more clothes? It is well known that buying clothes for your girlfriend is dangerous territory, and I would recommend that you steer well clear. If you don't offend her by picking the wrong size, then you might end up picking something unflattering or from last season. However, there is an option that you may not have thought of! Girls love clothes, but to go with their clothes, girls need...accessories! We've already talked about jewelry, but here I'm talking about things like scarves, bags and gloves. Nowadays scarves don't just have to be for winter, and they don't have to just be worn around a neck!

Choose something pretty and floaty, which she can use to cover up if there's a slight chill in the air, or which she can tie around her handbag to add color and pattern to her outfit. Buy her that new bag she's been drooling over, or find some smart leather gloves. When I was younger, I used to wear a lot of bright, patterned socks and tights, so if that's your kind of girl, then pick up something similar. Essentially, the aim here is to accessorize her outfit, and make it more interesting than just the clothes she's standing up in. You know her style better than anyone, and this is a great way to stick with the clothing theme, but without all the risk.


A spa day

This is a clever way for you to romance your girlfriend, but without you having to be involved! Pay for her and a friend to go away to a spa and have facials, massages, jacuzzis, and whatever else she chooses. It'll earn you major brownie points with both her and the friend, and they'll both come away feeling relaxed and looking gorgeous. By offering her the chance to go and have some girly time, she will appreciate the fact that you're encouraging her to spend quality time with her friends, as well. However, if you fancy being pampered and massaged to your heart's content, pack your dressing gown, as it could always be you who goes along, too...

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