10 Birthday Gifts For Your Girlfriend That She's Sure To Love

Added by Nicola Porrill on Feb 7, 2016


Ever heard the phrase 'diamonds are a girl's best friend'? Well, I hate to break it to you (and your wallet), but it's true. Ok, maybe you don't quite have to stretch to diamonds every time, but girls feel like they're being spoiled when they're given something pretty and shiny to wear. Choose something that suits her personality - if she is classic and traditional then buy something dainty and classy, or if she's confident and likes to stand out from the crowd, then go for something a bit bigger and more colorful. If she always wears rings then buy her another (it doesn't necessarily have to be The Ring, although that would probably elevate you to Best Boyfriend In The World level); if you've never seen her wear necklaces then choose something else. Don't expect her to start wearing a different type of jewelry just because you've given it to her - she needs to feel comfortable wearing something like it!

I can almost sense you breaking out in a sweat at the thought of all of this, but don't panic. It doesn't have to be super expensive, but try and avoid places like Claire's Accessories - you're looking for something of good quality. This will be something that she will show off to the world as a symbol of your relationship! If you're stuck for ideas, just have a sneaky look through the other jewelry that she owns. It'll give you a good idea of what she likes, so go out and find something similar! If you've taken the time and put in lots of care, thought and attention, then she's bound to be touched by whatever you decide.


Gift basket

This is a great idea if you don't have a lot to spend, if you're still running low on ideas, or if you've got loads of ideas and are not sure which one to pick! You can go two ways with this; either pick a theme, or choose something that your girlfriend loves, and buy lots of it! Whichever you choose, pack it into a box or basket, wrap it up with clear plastic, secure it with some pretty ribbon, and you're sorted. If you're going for a theme, I suggest something like a movie night: buy a couple of DVDs, different flavors of popcorn, some sweets, and whatever else you think goes into a really good movie night. Then pack it into one of those big, striped popcorn boxes, and it'll look great! With themed gift baskets, you could base them around her hobbies and interests, and you can make them for her to enjoy on her own, or to share with someone else.

If, on the other hand, you decide to go for the option of choosing something that she loves and stocking up on it, food is always a good starting point! Start with chocolates and sweets, or maybe think about a cheese and wine hamper, if that's more her cup of tea. If she's an artist, buy loads of different paints and brushes, or if she likes looking after herself then go for lots of body lotions and potions. There are so many different avenues that you can go down with this, and it really doesn't have to be expensive at all. In any case, the look on her face as she explores the gifts and keeps finding more and more things will be priceless.

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