10 Birthday Gifts For Your Girlfriend That She's Sure To Love

Added by Nicola Porrill on Feb 7, 2016

Romance her!

Every girl loves a bit of romance - even those who say they can't stand it are secretly flattered by the attention. This doesn't have to be expensive, either. If you can, then by all means take her out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, but if your budget won't stretch that far, then how about arranging a picnic at a romantic spot? Pack some sandwiches (homemade by you, of course!), snacks, fruit, and maybe even something nice to drink, and have an afternoon relaxing in the sun together. Alternatively, buy her some flowers, posh chocolates, wine and candles, and give her a massage. I've been with my man for several years, yet he's never bought me flowers - if he did it would be one of the loveliest things he could have done for me. Really pamper your girlfriend, and if you go down this route, who knows where it could lead...


Something for her hobby

Call me a geek, but I adore reading. I love books, so my fiancé knows that whenever he's stuck for ideas, that's always one gift idea that I'm guaranteed to love. What's your girlfriend's hobby, or passion? If she's a gamer, get her the latest Sims or Call of Duty release. If she's crafty, buy her a new scrapbook, some fancy tools or some fabric. If she's outdoorsy, why not go for something that will make your next camping trip a little more enjoyable for her? By choosing something related to the things she loves doing, she won't only be pleased to have whatever it is, but she'll appreciate the fact that you took the time to consider her interests. Plus, you can be sure that she'll make good use out of it.

Whatever you do, don't give her gift vouchers as her main present. It's such a cop out, and even if it's for the only store that she ever buys from, it shows a real lack of effort on your part.

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