10 Awe-Inspiring Weather Phenomena

Added by Edan Barak on Mar 31, 2022

Blue jets

A result of collisions between nitrogen and oxygen at high speed, Blue jets are the outer space friends of red sprites and they often occur in similar meteorological conditions. Even more recent than red sprites, blue jets were caught on film for the very first time in 1994. Seen for an extremely short time-span – only a quarter of a second – blue jets appear as upward bolts of blue light from clouds, and can unmistakably be observed by the avid space gazer.



A combination of low pressure, water funnels and dark clouds: waterspouts occur when low pressure under cumuliform clouds sucks water into a funnel, appearing as an impressive water tornado. This upright water column is held over a water body, and can move about fairly rapidly. One good thing about this phenomenon is that it quickly dissolves the moment the waterspout reaches soil away from the water body. The entire occurrence is of fairly short duration – causing little to no harm. The sight of a waterspout is said to be both an impressive and daunting experience.

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