10 Awe-Inspiring Weather Phenomena

Added by Edan Barak on Mar 31, 2022

Moon bows

Moon bows are created by light reflected from the moon. These very rare sightings of nighttime rainbows, or lunar rainbows, are associated with moisture and post-rain conditions, very similar to regular rainbows. Unlike rainbows, no sunlight is associated with moon bows. People who have seen moon bows should consider themselves very lucky, as the atmospheric and moon conditions need to be just perfect: a full or almost full moon at a low level, combined with moisture droplets. Moon bow hunters are more likely to find these rare bows at major waterfalls, including the Cumberland Falls (Kentucky), Waimea Canyon (Hawaii) and the Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe).


Red sprites

This meteorological phenomenon occurs when electrical fields fire extremely high into the Earth's atmosphere. In a matter of no more than 20 milliseconds, lighting draws electrical charges from clouds surrounding the earth, and this commotion displays as red lighting forces flashing across the universe. These sprites are so elusive that scientists were able to record them on film only as recently as 1989 due to the extremely quick nature of red sprites making their filming or photographing nearly impossible. The possibility of this phenomenon has been long debated, and it was only after the first official visual recording that scientist started to investigate the reasons for these red lighting flashes in our night's sky.

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