10 Awe-Inspiring Weather Phenomena

Added by Edan Barak on Mar 31, 2022

Ice bombs

Many people actively believe that ice bombs – large balls of ice weighing around 50 pounds but also up to 100 pounds – are not related to weather at all. One theory suggests that ice bombs falling from the sky could be the result of ice build-up on aircraft wings. But can such volumes of ice accumulate on aircraft wings? The explanation remains doubtful. What is particularly surprising is that these large and heavy ice bombs are associated with clear skies. Ice bombs have also occurred during heavy thunderstorms. The sheer weight and impact of the falling ice bombs leave a considerable wake of destruction, and damage reported after these events is quite significant. To date, there is no confirmed scientific explanation for ice bombs.


Sun dogs

Scientists define the sundog phenomenon (scientific name: parhelion), as the bright spots sometimes seen on both sides of the sun, often formed as a luminous ring or halo. These spots are created by the refraction of the sun's rays through ice crystals which form in cirrus clouds, and are only found on clear sunny days, and only at times when the sun is low. The ice crystals act as tiny prisms, bending the sun's rays with a minimum deflection of 22°, and lead to a complete or partial ring forming around the sun. It's interesting to note that these spots are not only found around the sun – they've also been associated with the plants Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

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