10 Awe-Inspiring Weather Phenomena

Added by Edan Barak on Mar 31, 2022

Lenticular clouds

Many a lenticular cloud has been mistaken in a state of panic as a UFO, and rightly so - these clouds are perfect resemblances of what media made us believe a UFO would look like. These clouds are seldom seen in daylight, and usually form at nighttime or after sunset. With a smooth, saucer-like appearance, lenticular clouds are only spotted close to mountains, which also explains the formation of these UFO clouds: cold temperatures, stable and moist air surrounding mountain tops and wind pushing the moist air upwards, causing these rare clouds to form. Lenticular clouds, or altocumulus lenticularis in scientific terms, are a very rare sight and if you do see one of these UFO-sightings you can consider yourself very lucky.


Raining fish and frogs

If you thought heavy hail was the worst mother nature could throw at you during a rainstorm, you'd be sorely mistaken. There have been numerous accounts around the world of animals falling from the sky, most often fish and frogs. While during the 1800's this phenomenon stumped the greatest of scientific minds at the time, today it's commonly accepted to be a result of tornadoes, waterspouts or whirlwinds collecting the aquatic animals from the water and dropping them some distance away from the water source. Although this explanation makes sense, there are equal accounts reporting the falls of mixed animals – fish from freshwater combined in equal quantities with fish from the sea, and in one especially unusual circumstance an unidentified animal, thought to be a cow, fell in California after being ripped to shreds. Inexplicably while some accounts tell of fish falls during heavy rain, there are many others of animals raining in clear skies.

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