10 Amazing Innovations of the Near Future

Added by Edan Barak on Jul 30, 2022

Driverless Cars

When you just start out, it's exciting and fresh. As the years go by, it becomes habit and loses its lustre. Driving is a part of life for millions around the world, enabling fast and easy transportation of people and goods, but also leading to many yearly fatalities from wreckless driving. Imagine getting into your car, talking to the voice-activated computer and telling it where you'de like to go, then nodding off to sleep, secure in the idea that your car will be able to drive you to your destination without your help.

Well, not only is this going to be a reality in the coming years, Google is already deep into the advanced stages of research, and driverless cars have already logged thousands of miles, having traversed the windy hills of San Francisco, cruised over the Golden Gate Bridge and even run laps around Lake Tahoe. The cars navigate using advanced GPS technology as well as special laser sensors mounted on the roof to help "map out" the area around the vehicle. They know to stop when there's a pedestrian on the road, and to drive when the traffic light turns green. Say goodbye to your designated driver!


Visual prosthesis (Bionic Eye)

Just as technology has advanced to the point where the cochlear implant is helping deaf people to hear, the idea behind the bionic eye is to help the blind, or those with very poor eyesight, to see. Researchers are making fast advances in developing artificial eyes that would give sight to the blind, and prototypes are already available that provide grainy images. However, the eye is much more complex than a regular camera and complex software, such as missile tracking technology, must be employed in perfecting the technology.

We believe there will come a time when everyone will be able to see with perfect eyesight. That future is closer then you imagine.

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