10 Amazing Innovations of the Near Future

Added by Edan Barak on Jul 30, 2022

Body Motion Sensitive Screens

Just as the Kinect has revolutionised gaming with its motion sensing technology taking the place of a joystick or other physical device, a soon-to-be-released technology by Leap Motion could change the way we use our computers. Not only would this highly accurate motion-sensing technology replace the mouse or keyboard, it would even send touch-screens to the antique pile, being much simpler and more natural to use.

Imagine raising your hand and an icon appears, almost by magic, on your computer's screen. Using naunced gestures you'de be able to navigate the web, clicking on links with just a tap, minimizing screens or zooming into images with a flick of the wrist. Even games could use this technology to transform your entire body into a living game control - no special suit required. Soon you'll be able to watch the movie "Minority Report" with your friends and boast that your computer can do the same as Tom Cruise's, and this time it won't be a lie.


Wireless energy transmission

Even though wireless charging is already available for low-power applications like electric toothbrushes and artificial hearts, this technology still has a way to go before it can be used to charge everyday household devices, cellphones, and even electric cars. The technology behind wireless charging has been around since the turn of the century and was initially suggested by Nikolas Tesla.

The possibilities are exciting. What if you could sit at a coffee shop, place your phone on the table, and it would immediately start to charge? No cables needed, no clumsy connections. You would theoretically be able to charge your phone whenever required; your car, the office, even a restaurant. Even better: no more fussing with different chargers for different phones, having to buy a new charger when upgrading - they'd all have the ability to charge through the air using the same device.

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