10 Amazing Facts About Well-Known Brands

Added by Edan Barak on Apr 11, 2019

The economy of McDonald's would make it the 68th largest country in the world

The scope of McDonalds is hard to fathom. It is the most successful fast food franchise in the world, present in more countries than any other fast food company. The company has learnt to adapt to every market it enters, and is currently the second most recognized company in the world, trailing only Coca-Cola. Nothing speaks more to the power of McDonalds than the economy it has developed encompassing its customers, suppliers, employees, and real estate ventures. If McDonalds were a country, its economy would place it 68th in the world, just ahead of Sri Lanka.


Ben & Jerry's was originally planned to be a bagel company

Back in 1977 "Ben & Jerry's" founders and high-school friends Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield were not what you might call a successful duo. Ben was a college dropout who eventually settled for a job as a crafts teacher for emotionally unstable kids in NYC, while Jerry, a lab technician by day, was desperately trying to get into medical school but failing with each attempt.

Their plan for finding success in the food industry began with the idea of opening a bagel company in Vermont, but they quickly changed their minds after realizing how expensive all the equipment they needed for making bagels would be. Not ones to give up so easily, they decided on a whim to try out a $5 ice cream making course which led them to open up an ice cream parlor in Burlington, Vermont called Ben & Jerry’s Homemade.

35 years later, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are the most recognizable faces in the ice cream business, and their Ben & Jerry's ice cream is one of the world's most iconic ice cream brands.

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