10 Amazing Facts About Well-Known Brands

Added by Edan Barak on Apr 11, 2019

Puma sportswear came about thanks to a fight between brothers

Inside an air-raid shelter in World War II Germany, another battle came to a head. Brothers Adolph – also known as Adi and Rudolf Dassler - had been working together for years, selling shoes and sporting equipment, but the relationship had deteriorated. The presence of Rudolf and his family elicited a snarky remark from Adolph when they entered the bunker, and later, Rudolf was picked up by the American forces, accused of being part of the Waffen SS. He was convinced this was Adolph's doing, and when he was released, they split their company, Dassler Schuhfabrik, with Rudolf moving across the river. The two companies that were formed are leaders in the sportswear industry today – Adidas (ADI DASsler) and Puma (Changed from Ruda, which stood for RUdi DAssler).


The wholesome Barbie image hides risque beginnings

Long before she was a wholesome part of the childhood of many a young girl, Barbie was the last thing you'd want your daughter to emulate.

She began as a knock-off of a German comic strip character, Bild Lilli, a character that would have put the most outrageous gold-digger to shame. Sassy and bordering on crass, ambitious, and constantly talking about sex, there was nothing about her that any parent would want their daughter to see. Mattel managed to whittle the rights away from Lilli's makers, O&M Hausser, and then redefined her to be more acceptable to children and parents, and influential to generations.

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