10 Amazing Courageous People In History

Added by Fran on Apr 9, 2019

Margaret Corbin (wo)mans a cannon

In the Revolutionary War, women were expected to follow their soldier husbands around and cook for them, and do their laundry. Margaret Corbin was fine doing this, and followed her husband John to Fort Washington, New York. In one attack, John was assisting a cannon gunner. When the gunner was struck down, John took command of the cannon, and Margaret stepped up to assist. After a period of time, John was killed as well, at which point, with no one around, Margaret herself took charge of the cannon, and continued to keep firing without any help, loading the cannon and firing it on her own. She was eventually severely wounded by grapeshot, and carried to the rear. She never fully recovered from her wounds, living without use of her left arm for the rest of her life. For her bravery, she was the first woman to be granted a soldier’s pension, and a monument to her stands at West Point.


Holocaust survivor Liviu Librescu died protecting 23 students during the Virginia Tech massacre

When Seung-Hui Cho went on a rampage at Virginia Tech, he caught the student body unaware. Going from room-to-room, he methodically fired on students. When he came to the classroom of Liviu Librescu, a survivor of the Holocaust, he was unable to break in to the room. The 76-year-old professor held the doors of his classroom shut as his students escaped through a window, with all but one making it out before Librescu was struck down by five bullets. After his death, he was honored with the highest civil order Romania can bestow, the Order of the Star of Romania.

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