10 Amazing Courageous People In History

Added by Fran on Apr 9, 2019

The Little Rock Nine buck two centuries of tradition to segregate schools

With the call for desegregation echoing throughout the South, actually doing so was proving to be difficult. While the U.S. Supreme Court had struck down outright segregation, many officials were finding ways around this by redrawing school district lines. Governors also got in on the act, forbidding their schools from allowing segregation. In Arkansas, Governor Orval Faubus deployed the Arkansas National Guard to keep a group of nine black students, the Little Rock Nine, from entering the school. This was only the first of many hurdles they would have to face to successfully integrate Little Rock schools, as the nine civil rights pioneers would be subject to bullying, threats, and attacks throughout their time there. Showing incredible will, some of them were able to stick it out and graduate, demonstrating that desegregation could work and paving the way for the future.


Bishnu Shrestha, Nepali Gorkha soldier, fends off 40 train robbers with a knife

The bravery of Gurkha soldiers in battle is well documented. Incredibly skilled fighters with a clinical method of attack and brutal tactics that sometimes even disturb the rest of the British Army they are part of. This bravery does not stop on the battlefield or when they retire, as a group of train robbers and would-be rapist found out.

On September 2, 2010, a group of over 30 armed robbers attacked the Maurya Express, and everything went according to plan for them, until they decided to try and add rape to the list of offenses. At this point, Bishnu Shrestha, a retired Nepali Gurkha soldier, had had enough and proceed to draw his kukri fighting knife and fight back. While the robbers were armed with guns, knives, clubs, and swords, and were well organized, Shrestha did not care. He attacked ferociously, working his way through the train cars. By the end of the attack, he had killed three of the bandits, and seriously wounded another eight, before being subdued by the robbers as they tried to escape from the train.

Shrestha suffered a serious injury to his hand, but recovered. For his bravery, he was temporarily reinstated to his unit for the purpose of being promoted and honored with medals, as well as a cash bonus and discounted travel tickets from the Indian Government. Best of all, when the family of the girl who was the target of the attempted rape tried to give him a reward, he turned it down.

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