10 Amazing Courageous People In History

Added by Fran on Sep 15, 2022
courageous people in history

A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

When researching this list, I wanted to find stories that convey the inherent altruistic nature we're all capable of, but don't often hear about. Those unsung heroes that risked everything for a greater good and, for a moment, transcended their own immortality to make the right decision where most others would have hesitated.

Some heroes affect one life, while others can change the course of history. Today we'll be looking at 10 courageous people in history and their amazing acts of heroism.


Vasili Arkhipov risks his career and life to avert the eruption of the Cold War

Under Communist rule, to go against the party was to risk the lives of you and everyone you knew. It was a tense time, highlighted by the Cuban Missile Crisis, which brought the conflict to the point of near-nuclear conflict. If not for the actions of one primary officer on Russian submarine B-59, Vasili Arkhipov, one of the biggest man-made disasters would have erupted on October 27, 1962.

With no communication from Moscow, stranded halfway across the world and under constant barrage from the United States Navy, the captain of the submarine came to the conclusion that war had started. While his political officer concurred, they needed agreement from the third officer, Arkhipov, for launch. He would not budge, an action that if he was wrong, would be cause for the extermination of him and his family. After convincing the captain to surface, it became clear the Arkhipov was correct, and had narrowly averted turning the Cold War hot.


Didar Hossain saves 34 people in Rana Plaza collapse

One of the worst building collapses in recent times, the Rana Plaza disaster claimed the lives of hundreds of workers. When the building fell, Didar Hossain was at work in a garment factory across from the plaza, and like many others, his first sense was to try and help. Pushing past a security guard trying to keep his fellow workers inside, Didar worked his way through unstable wreckage as one of the first people on the scene. Untrained at rescue or surgery, Didar nonetheless dragged out dead bodies as well as survivors, performing amputations to free trapped workers. By the end of the day, he managed to free 34 workers, many of whom would have been further injured or killed before trained rescuers would have made it to them.

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