Top Ten Reasons Why Women Are Set to Take Over the World

Added by Edan Barak in Life (genders, men, women) on Nov 24, 2014

Women are slowly taking over the world.

For men, it's already too late. From the day that we gave up control and allowed women the right to vote, go out and get jobs and generally wear the trousers at home, the writing has been on the wall.

Men are sicker, live for less time, they are more likely to die at work, they can't get jobs – we’re even dying out genetically. Believe me guys, your time is almost up, and here are ten very good reasons why:

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More Baby Girls are Being Adopted

So even if the baby boy survives through infancy, the odds are that, if he's an orphan, girls are still going to have it better.

Of all the adopted children in the USA (from both domestic and international sources) 64% of them are girls.
And given that adoption isn't an easy thing to do (you need to be rich and have a stable family environment), these adopted girls are generally going to better-than-average families, meaning a better start in life for them as well!


Strength Through Sexism

According to psychologists, older women in the workplace who lived through years of gender inequality make much better leaders, thanks to the way sexism increased their strength of character.

Still, at least it allows us to start being sexist again - we can say it’s for their own good!

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