Top 10 Best Dubstep Artists In 2018

Added by Nicola Porrill on Mar 11, 2018
best dubstep artists

Dubstep has come a long way since the late 90's, where it began as an experimental type of music in the back alleys of Southern London. Its unique mix of syncopated drum and percussion patterns, ethereal sub bass frequencies and low emphasis on vocals has turned it into a popular music genre, with budding dubstep DJs coming out of the woodwork to bring the world a new, exciting rhythm.

The top dubstep artists are becoming extremely influencial in the music industry, bringing the world a new, popular genre of music that - although it might not be for everyone - is pumping out hit after hit. In fact, many of the best dubstep songs, long considered a small niche in the music industry, have started hitting the top 40 music charts, proving that the fan-base is growing very quickly.

This list will cover some of the most influential dubstep artists on the scene today. If you don't agree with the list, please mention some of your favorite artists in the comments, and they might get added.


Flux Pavilion

Joshua Kierkegaard G. Steele
Born: 15 January 1989
Nationality: UK

Flux Pavilion is one of those artists whose name you might not be familiar with, but whose music is everywhere. Remember the Kony campaign a few years ago? This is the guy behind the soundtrack to it, with his track I Can't Stop being used. Just one other example of his many successes is a top 10 hit in the UK singles charts - an accolade which virtually none of the other names on this list have managed. Some of his fans include top radio DJs and other massive names within the music industry, including Christina Aguilera - and the kid's only 25. Without a doubt, this is one to watch for the future!


Zeds Dead

Nationality: Canadian

Here we have another dubstep duo, this one stemming from Canada. The inspiration for the name 'Zeds Dead' came from Quentin Tarantino's blockbuster film Pulp Fiction, so it isn't as macabre as it sounds. This pair are revolutionary in that they have produced and released scores of songs themselves, releasing them to their fans for free. Dubstep tracks being given away to fans: are we looking at the future of music, right here?

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