Top 5 Best Countries To Live In - Does Your Country Rank?

Added by Edan Barak on Jun 11, 2017

Costa Rica

Home to some of the most fabulous Pacific beaches on earth, Costa Rica emerges as a leader when it comes to sustainable ecological development. Popular as a vacation spot, this country is definitely one of the best places to live in with its tropical forests, surf breaks and, although it might seem weird, the carbon neutral pledge. Caressed by pleasant climate and awe-inspiring scenery, the country boasts a high quality of life for its residents at affordable costs, more so because of a robust public health care system. The country prides itself on a stable democracy, and even went so far as to abolish its army in 1949, since it wasn't needed. So whether you want to spend some sun-drenched days or are looking to retire permanently, Costa Rica is the place to be.



There are lots of misconceptions surrounding the land down under: that it's far away on the other side of the world, made up of desolate deserts, and full of poisonous killer animals. In fact, Australia was recognized as the world's happiest country in 2013 by the OECD, and you can't be that happy while being chased by killer snakes in the middle of the desert. Other than its thriving economy and extremely low unemployment levels, Australia enjoys just the right blend of natural resources and market potential, and the country seems to attract many industrial players and a wealth of foreign investment. Australians are very warm and friendly people, happy to lend a hand when needed, or make fun of you for the laughs. There are plenty of places to visit in the country, from the world-famous Great-Barrier reef, to Tazmania and Uluru - there's never a dull moment.

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