Top 10 Web Browsers To Improve Your Web Surfing Experience

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Web browsers

A web browser is technically a computer application that is used for presenting, retrieving, and browsing information located on the internet. There are many web browsers in existence today, and many of them boast different features, though most of them are simply different versions of an application that does the same thing - albeit in different ways. Of course, what you should look for in a web browser is pretty simple. You want something that offers:

- Ease of use
- Security
- Speed
- Experience-enhancing features
- Fluidity

(Basically, you want something that doesn't drive you crazy every time you boot it up!)

If you are at all less than pleased with your current internet browser then this list is definitely for you. Trying out a new browser is easy and hassle-free (in most cases), so why stick with something that is driving you crazy when you could try out something new that may be perfect for you?

Anyway, here is our list of the 10 Best PC web browsers. Hopefully it will help you choose the right browser for your personal needs.


Internet Explorer

Developer: Microsoft

Internet Explorer held the number 1 position in web browsers for a long time. In fact, it accounted for about 95% of usage during the years 2002 and 2003. It has, however, faced tough competition with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome coming into the picture. Internet Explorer ships standard on many products that utilize Microsoft Windows operating systems, and is considered a very standard and default web browser. It is efficient, fast, easy to use, and offers a full range of features that make it the second most popular PC web browser in the world today.


Lunascape Orion

Developer: Lunascape Corporation

Lunascape Orion is probably the most famous for their implementation of the world's first 'triple engine' configuration (Lunascape Orion contains three different rendering engines… Gecko, WebKit, and Trident). It has been downloaded more than 20 million times worldwide, and is highly customizable. It comes with literally hundreds of functions and built-in tools, all designed to make Lunascape capable of navigating the internet quickly and easily. It is free to download, and employs a lot of unique features that internet users of all calibers will find useful and effective.



Developer: SeaMonkey Council

SeaMonkey is a free, open sourced internet suite that is based on the source code that was used by the former 'Mozilla Application Suite'. It is community-driven, and free to download for any user. Being an all in one application suite, SeaMonkey offers internet browsing, a web feed reader, email, an HTML editor, web development tools, and IRC chat. Some of the more prominent features include tabbed browsing, a session restore feature, lightweight themes (which can be used to personalize the look of your browser), a popup blocker, a 'find as you type' feature that streamlines searches, and a feed detection feature that lets you know when new feeds are available to view.



Developer: Fenrir Inc.

Sleipnir is a web browser that offers a full range of features to anyone wanting a web experience that is fast, simple, and user friendly. With 150 functions within easy reach of your mouse, and speed that will not diminish after even months of heavy usage, it is plain to see that Sleipnir isn't going anywhere. It is free to download, quick to install, and super-simple to run once it is on your PC. It was originally designed and created in Japanese, but was later released with both Chinese and English translations. It is now a definite contender in the world of free PC web browsers.

Download Sleipner here.


Comodo Dragon

Developer: Comodo Group

Comodo dragon is a web browser that derives its main selling point from its privacy and security features. It is actually based on Chromium, but is said to have tightened up security in areas that, in Google Chrome, could leave users more vulnerable. It provides additional security measures, including an indicator that can tell you how strong and authentic a website's SSL certificate seems to be. It is also fast, reliable, user friendly, comes with a variety of customized add-ons and plug-ins, and is said to eliminate the problem of frozen screens and crashes.



Developer: Apple

Safari was, for a long time, a Mac-only web browser, though it has recently broken through to the PC world when Apple launched it for Windows in 2007. It is considered a fast and user-friendly browser option, and boasts a wide array of features, including a feature called 'Reading List', which is a unique tool that allows you to save URLs of interesting pages that you may want to visit later (sort of like a bookmark function), and another feature called 'Top Sites'. This feature basically lets you view your top-visited sites in an at-a-glance format. It is a lot like an RSS feed, the only difference being that it allows you to view the entire site rather than just a list of newly published content. It is a definite contender in today's web browser battleground, especially considering the fact that it is loaded with security features to keep you safe from a wide variety of online threats, including malware, viruses, phishing.

Download Safari here.



Developer: Maxthon International Limited

Maxthon is a cloud-powered web browser that is easy to use, is not tethered to one specific device, and that makes it easy for users to experience a continuous, un-interrupted internet experience. It is powered by Maxthon's 'Cloud' engine, and was developed to make the idea of a seamless browsing experience a true reality. It is free to download, and is compatible with Windows PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. The browser is said to be 'lightning fast', makes the syncing of data between devices easy, and makes it easier to share data with friends.



Developer: Opera Software

Opera is a free web browser that offers peace of mind through checks of risky sites, a faster browsing experience (even on slower internet connections), easy one-click organization of favorites, and hundreds of personalization and extension options. It also allows you to store your bookmarks, speed dial your favorite sites and passwords, and instantly access all of your info on the go.



Developer: Google Inc.

Google Chrome is a freeware browser that was developed by Google. It utilizes the 'WebKit layout engine', and is utilized by about 38.07% of internet users, making it the most widely used internet browser in existence. Google Chrome is probably best known for its simplicity, its lightning-fast speeds, and for its ability to be utilized by not only computers, but also on phones and tablets as well. It is free to download, easy to install, and absolutely hassle-free to use.

Download the browser here.


Mozilla Firefox

Developer: Mozilla Foundation/Mozilla Corporation

Mozilla Firefox is currently the third most popular web browser, with a total of 20.8% of internet users choosing to use it to surf and access the internet. It is a free and open sourced web browser that offers many of the same features as Internet Explorer, though many of its loyal users will say that it has eliminated some of the common problems that can plague its competitor. It utilizes the Gecko layout engine, and is used by an estimated 450 million users worldwide. It is especially popular in the countries of Germany, Poland, and Indonesia, though it has also seen an increase in success in the United States as well. It is full-featured, and considered one of the most user friendly and streamlined internet web browsers available today.

Download Firefox here.

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