Top 10 Web Browsers To Improve Your Web Surfing Experience

Added by Edan Barak in Software (web browsers, internet, web) on May 26, 2014
Web browsers

A web browser is technically a computer application that is used for presenting, retrieving, and browsing information located on the internet. There are many web browsers in existence today, and many of them boast different features, though most of them are simply different versions of an application that does the same thing - albeit in different ways. Of course, what you should look for in a web browser is pretty simple. You want something that offers:

- Ease of use
- Security
- Speed
- Experience-enhancing features
- Fluidity

(Basically, you want something that doesn't drive you crazy every time you boot it up!)

If you are at all less than pleased with your current internet browser then this list is definitely for you. Trying out a new browser is easy and hassle-free (in most cases), so why stick with something that is driving you crazy when you could try out something new that may be perfect for you?

Anyway, here is our list of the 10 Best PC web browsers. Hopefully it will help you choose the right browser for your personal needs.


Internet Explorer

Developer: Microsoft

Internet Explorer held the number 1 position in web browsers for a long time. In fact, it accounted for about 95% of usage during the years 2002 and 2003. It has, however, faced tough competition with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome coming into the picture. Internet Explorer ships standard on many products that utilize Microsoft Windows operating systems, and is considered a very standard and default web browser. It is efficient, fast, easy to use, and offers a full range of features that make it the second most popular PC web browser in the world today.


Lunascape Orion

Developer: Lunascape Corporation

Lunascape Orion is probably the most famous for their implementation of the world's first 'triple engine' configuration (Lunascape Orion contains three different rendering engines… Gecko, WebKit, and Trident). It has been downloaded more than 20 million times worldwide, and is highly customizable. It comes with literally hundreds of functions and built-in tools, all designed to make Lunascape capable of navigating the internet quickly and easily. It is free to download, and employs a lot of unique features that internet users of all calibers will find useful and effective.

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