Top 10 Devastating Man-Made Disasters

Added by Edan Barak on Aug 13, 2016

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions," and none more-so than the highway of humanity's achievements. We've learnt to build higher, dig deeper, and generally have gotten better and better at manipulating the world around us to fulfill our every desire. Along the way we've hit some potholes, and at times they've been massive, soul-crushing crevices.

For all of humanity's ingenuity, mistakes do occur, and sometimes become disasters of epic proportions. This list details ten such disasters - not the result of willful destruction such as war (which, if included, would eclipse every other point in this list), but rather the result of simple human negligence, carelessness, or a lack of understand of the world we live in.


The Great Smog

In 1952, Londoners didn't know that the coal they were burning to keep their homes warm, could fuel the pollution caused by the harmful industrial gases. Soon the Sulphur Dioxide from the coal cobbled together with the industrial waste and caused respiratory tract-related problems. Fatalities from this deadly gas combination are believed to be close to 12,000 with thousands others ill with the same condition.


Bhopal Disaster

Methyl Isocyanate (MIC) leaked from a pesticide plant in India (Bhopal) when the tank accidently exploded. More than 8,000 people died immediately with nearly 200,000 admitted in hospitals with MIC symptoms. Later reports confirmed the deaths to be around 16,000-30,000.

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