Top 10 Craziest Mustaches And Beards

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When you're a teenager, you can't wait for it to start growing. Once you have it, you're more likely to shave it off than keep it. If you're a woman, you hope to high heaven that you never get any... I'm talking about facial hair, of course. This list is dedicated to ten of the most outlandish facial hair styles that are around today.

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Wolf girl Supatra Sasuphan

This little girl suffers from a condition called hypertrichosis and she has hair covering her face. As different as she is, she is popular in school (having won over her previously scared fellow students) and has a positive outlook on life, hoping to someday become a doctor.


Blue beard

Sometimes, size doesn't matter... And neither does style. This guy, Jeff, easily has one of the craziest beards around, simply because of the fact that it's blue. Sure, it's not naturally that colour, but that doesn't make it any less odd.


The somewhat bald cousin of Cousin It

While the beard in itself is not particularly crazy, what this guy does with it looks rather freaky.


The Frame

Other people frame their faces with fringes and flowing locks of hair... This particular facial hair style frames the face so well that it almost looks like a detachable face... Or a detachable body, of course.


The starfish

Did you know? If you cut off a leg (with a small piece of the body still attached to it)of a starfish, then the starfish will regrow a new leg, and the leg will regrow a new body. I wonder if this man's beard would do something similar...



Any cat would be jealous of the whiskers (no pun intended) on this fella. It almost makes you wonder if he likes to play with mice and eat tuna for supper... Here, kitty kitty!


Door frame brusher

With a beard this wide, it must be difficult walking through narrow doors and crowded hallways. If you look carefully, you'll notice a small braid running straight down from the middle.


Ultimate braiding

This beard looks like it's been knitted - the braiding is incredibly complex and must take quite a long time to style each morning.


The Windmill

If you really have a passion for windmills, why not grow one on your face? Sure, it may not spin when a breeze blows, but that may be a good thing considering how many knots you'd have to untangle later if it did.


The Octopus

Unfortunately for this octopus, it's missing two of its legs... Of course, either you could see this beard as an octopus, or as three curiously placed mustaches.

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