The Funniest Improvised Scenes in TV Shows and Movies

Added by Edan Barak on Nov 2, 2016

Sharlto Copley, District 9

The 2009 film District 9 was that documentary style thriller set in Johannesburg, following a township which is filled with aliens which the humans refer to as 'prawns'. Yes, I did say thriller, but I can't be the only one that noticed the wealth of dry humor and amusing references. In fact, you'd be surprized to learn how much of the film didn't use a script – it's more than you'd think! The director (Neill Blomkamp) decided to completely forego a script altogether for the main character of Wikus van der Merwe (played by Sharlto Copley). That's right – everything the main character says throughout the entire film was improvised. I don't know about you, but that gave me a whole new level of respect for him as an actor!



Anchorman 2

It seems like almost overnight Ron Burgundy has become one of the world's most popular comedy characters from across the film and television board. Anchorman is such a comedy classic that when news broke that there was going to be a sequel, it was a pretty exciting moment. However, what nobody was expecting was for Anchorman 2 to include some improvisation, but it does.

You know the scene where Ron Burgundy is fighting the shark? The people who were standing and watching from the safety of the beach didn't have a script to follow, so most of their lines were improvised. The fact that their reactions were genuine makes the scene even funnier than it was before!


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