The Richest Rappers In the World

Added by Edan Barak on Apr 28, 2017


Net worth: $700 million
Real name: Sean Combs
Date of birth: November 4 1969

Diddy? Puff Daddy? P. Diddy? Who knows what name he's going by nowadays? Aside from the fact that he seems to change his name more often than I change my socks, what I do know is that this rapper's real name is Sean Combs (which he also calls himself sometimes, just to make things more confusing). With a net worth of $700 million, he is one of the wealthiest rappers in the world. For the most part, he has made his money through making and producing records; he signed The Notorious B.I.G., who is - well - notorious. As if that wasn't enough, his first album (No Way Out) went seven times platinum, which is almost unheard of. Even if he isn't to your taste, Diddy clearly appeals to somebody!


Lil Wayne

Net worth: $135 million
Real name: Dwayne Carter, Jr.
Date of birth: September 27 1982

At the young age of nine, Lil Wayne - or Dwayne Carter, Jr., as he is actually named - became the youngest artist ever to sign with the Cash Money Records label. Since then his career has skyrocketed. To date, he has performed with some huge names within the music industry, such as Madonna, Kid Rock, Jay-Z, Birdman and Robin Thicke, to name just a few. Never in my life have I heard of someone who can fit into such a diverse range of musical styles! However, his $135 million net worth suggests that he must be pretty good at what he does, no matter what genre it is!

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